Third revision of IS 15636: Please submit comments now

The Bureau of Indian Standards would like to revise the update standard IS 15636 (“Automotive Vehicles – Pneumatic Tyres for Commercial Vehicles – Diagonal and Radial Ply – Specification”) in some points and has published the first draft amendment of IS 15636 (2022) for this purpose on 19 July 2023.

The following amendments are proposed:

3.31 Special Use Tyre — A tyre intended for mixed use both on and off road or for other special duty. These tyres are primarily designed to initiate and maintain the vehicle in motion in off-road conditions.

“The actual measured overall width of the tyre may be less than the section width determined as detailed in this clause by value of less than 4 per cent” shall become “(…)by value of less than or equal to 4 per cent”.

In “d) Speed symbol (or symbols) – An indication of tyre’s nominal speed symbol and a second speed symbol, if applicable, in form of the symbol given in 3.28;” between “speed symbol” and “if applicable”, “along with load index” shall be added.

The ‘Ω’ in “j) For regroovable tyres, symbol ‘Ω’ with a diameter of at least 20 mm, or the word ‘REGROOVABLE’;” shall be changed to:

New Symbol

After “5.3 Markings given in 5.1 shall be permanently moulded into or permanently engraved/etched on the tyres. These shall be clearly legible and situated in the lower area of the tyre on at least one of its sidewalls” the following shohld be added: “, except for the inscription mentioned in paragraph 5.1 (a)”.

In row “(i)”, column 3, 3.00 B should now become “3.00 B”.

The following is to be added after line 1:

7.0J, 7.5 J269 274253 258282 2871004/1009/
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