Further postponement of the BIS certification requirement for wheels according to IS 9436

It is not unusual for a new product certification obligation at the BIS to be postponed a few times after the initial announcement. So it is this time with the introduction of the mandatory certification of wheels, colloquially known as rims. In September 2020, the Bureua of Indian Standards (BIS) announced in the“Automobile Wheel Rim Component (Quality Control) Order, 2020” that wheels will soon be subject to AIS certification, it would also be mandatory to mark (and thus certify) them with the BIS logo.

On 28 May 2021, the entry into force of the certification obligation was initially postponed by 6 months with the “Automobile Wheel Rim Component (Quality Control) Amendment Order, 2021“. Another five months later, there was the second “Amendment Order”, which postponed the certification obligation by another 6 months to 1 September 2022. Now there are already rumours that the certification obligation will be postponed a third time, and this time by a whole further year, to 1 September 2023.

There is no official announcement yet, so it is possible that, as in the previous “Amendment Orders”, further changes will be made, e.g. in the grouping of series or the exact tests. It therefore remains to be seen what exactly the official “Automobile Wheel Rim Component (Quality Control) Third Amendment Order, 2022” will contain.

Apart from pressure from the automotive industry, this is mainly due to the Corona crisis, because during the epidemic, of course, the BIS itself was never fully staffed, nor were the BIS auditors, who have to inspect the production plant for certification, able to travel. Because of this backlog, the BIS is ultimately unable to process any new certification requests.

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10 June 2022 UPDATE: The “Automobile Wheel Rim Component (Quality Control) Third Amendment Order, 2022” has been released and the new date is now 22 June 2023. No further changes to the requirement or standard.