Update on the BEE certification

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The ERA Certification Group office in New Delhi always maintains close contact with the various Indian certification authorities. In recent months, we have also held many discussions with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency on the new BEE certification for tyres, as there were still many questions on the part of the global manufacturers.

We can now answer some of these questions:

From 1 Jan 2023, tyres cannot be imported without the BEE label. However, registration can be completed before then, because tyres and their factories can still be certified voluntarily until 31 Dec 2022.

Yes, and it is even not enough to register only the plant that produces the tyres that will eventually also be exported to India. With BEE certification, the certification is in principle for the brand of the product rather than the product itself. This means that all factories producing the brand of tyres specified for the Indian market have to be registered, regardless of whether they produce tyres for the Indian market or not.
So if you want to save the cost of multiple factory registrations, it is recommended to register specific brands for the Indian market only. However, since factory registration is not too expensive either, it may be necessary to weigh up which costs would be higher.

Yes, as soon as the tyre measurement data change, even if they have only improved, the product must be tested again.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) reserves the right to obtain test samples directly from the market at an as yet undetermined regularity and to test them at the manufacturer’s expense. The purpose of this is to monitor the consistent quality of the product.
So far, however, the BEE has not specified how often such “market sampling tests” are to be carried out.

Irrespective of these specifications, a valid BIS certification is also required in advance of BEE certification.

If you have any questions about these or other points, please contact us at any time. Our long-standing contacts to all relevant Indian authorities allow us to answer your questions quickly and we will be happy to support you in any certification project.

You can find our contact information and a corresponding contact form here.