Indian regulations for the certification of automotive components undergo two changes

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the Ministry of Heavy Engineering in India have announced two changes to the regulations governing the certification of automotive components in India. These changes are intended to improve the quality control and performance standards of tyres and automotive rim components.

The first amendment, known as the Central Motor Vehicles (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2023, sets implementation dates for requirements on rolling resistance, wet grip and rolling noise for tyres. Under the amended rules, new and existing tyre designs fitted to C1, C2 and C3 motor vehicles must comply with the prescribed rolling resistance standards by 1 January 2024 and with the wet grip standards by 1 October 2024. This measure underlines the importance of energy efficiency and safety in tyres and is consistent with the existing Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) 142.

The second amendment relates to the quality assurance of automobile wheel rim components and is referred to as the Automobile Wheel Rim Component (Quality Control) Amendment Order, 2023. The amendment sets the effective date of the Order as December 22, 2023 and aims to improve quality standards and ensure compliance with the regulations of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This change will further strengthen the inspection and certification processes for automotive rim components in India.

These changes reflect the Indian government’s commitment to promote the production and use of high-quality automotive components that meet the highest standards of safety, performance and efficiency. The updates contribute to a safer and more reliable automotive industry in India and benefit both manufacturers and consumers.

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